South Florida native La Guardia Cross makes music, art, films, and babies. His wife Leah did all the work on that last one and their limit is 2. From drawing water spiraling down a flushing toilet as a toddler to opening up for hip-hop legends, La Guardia loves to express himself through art.

At the beginning of 2014, La Guardia set out on a mission to turn his daydreams into reality. His goal was to become a self-sustaining artist. He picked up a camera he didn’t know how to properly use and committed to documenting his journey on youtube for 52 Weeks. One day along the journey, he accidentally got a woman pregnant. Fortunately, that woman was his wife Leah. La Guardia’s weekly videos became a place to announce and reflect on his upcoming role as a father.

2 days after his first was born, he posted a few silly thoughts about his experiences on Facebook, titled ‘New Father Chronicles’. His friends loved it, so he continued. La Guardia began channeling his artistic passions into sharing his comical experiences as a new father. The series captures his newbie parenting mistakes, the growth of his daughters, his interpretations of their babble, their evolving personality, and the hearts of many online aunties.

To date, millions have tuned in to witness the journey of diabolically cute little girls (Amalah and Nayely) and their silly daddy. They’ve been covered by the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Today, Popsugar, and, to name a few. ‘New Father Chronicles’ is a window into La Guardia Cross’s unique and growing brand of family entertainment.